Our Board of Regents will be reviewing the 2015 Nominee Packets. Please return soon to see the 2015 results for the American Institute of Personal Injury’s Top 10.

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-James E. Frasier
Frasier, Frasier & Hickman, LLP
1700 Southwest Blvd.
Tulsa, OK 74107
Phone: 918-584-4724

-Jason C. Messenger
Richardson, Richardson Boudreaux
7447 S. Lewis Ave
Tulsa, OK 74037
Phone: 918-492-7674

-Charles Richardson    
Richardson Richardson Boudreaux    
7447 S. Lewis Ave.    
Tulsa, OK 74136    
Phone: 918-492-7674    

-A. Mark Smiling
Smiling, Smiling & Burgess
9175 S Yale Ave
Ste 300
Tulsa, OK 74137
Phone: 918-477-7500

-Donald E. Smolen, II    
Smolen Smolen Roytman, PLLC.     
701 S. Cincinnati Ave.    
Tulsa, OK 74119    
Phone: 918-585-2667    

-Jon Starr    
McGivera & Gilliard    
1515 S. Boulder Ave    
Tulsa, OK 74101    
Phone: 918-584-3391