We are in the process of reviewing the 2020 Nominee Packets and are still accepting nominations. Please return soon to see the 2020 results for the American Institute’s 10 Best.

–Ronald A. Apelt, Esq.
20600 Chagrin Blvd
Ste 400
Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122
Phone: 216-658-7046

–Eric Brian King
King Law Offices
3599 Ashridge St.
Columbus, Ohio 43219
Phone: 614-589-3742

–Alvand A. Mokhtari
Henderson Mokhtari & Weatherly Co., LPA
601 S. High St.
Ste 106
Columbu, Ohio 43215
Phone: 619-550-1355

–Daniel Mordarski
Law Offices of Daniel R. Mordarski, LLC

5 E. Long St.
Ste 1100
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Phone: 614-221-3200

-Casey P. O’Brien
Ibold & O’Brien
401 South St
Chardon, Ohio 44024
Phone: 440-285-3511